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About Green Goat Soap

Keeping your skin soft and refreshed gives you confidence. When looking for all-natural products that help you achieve healthy and revitalized skin, turn to Green Goat Soap. Based in Hayes, Virginia, we provide our first-class products to clients in Hampton Roads. We take pride in offering the finest, all-natural goat milk soaps and spa products available.

Going Natural

We started as a goat farm and expanded our business from there. Owning a livestock farm and taking care of animals taught us to make our lives as healthy as possible. We are continually learning how to improve our lives and the lives of others. Aside from taking care of goats, we are now keeping honeybees on our farm as well. Our business wants to share information about these creatures and their importance to the future survival of humankind. Come visit our farm if you would like to see our livestock!

Words from Our Owner

"I'm a retired Air Force photographer and retired real estate agent who decided to start a goat farm in 2010. Yes, my friends thought I was just crazy, and that I'd never want to get dirty and leave my beautiful suits hanging in the closet. I have found my love of goats, art, and cooking has combined into my passion of soap and spa products. It's literally changed my life! What a glorious revelation and I hope that you enjoy the products as much as my family, friends, and I do. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!" - Diane