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About Our Soaps:

Our varieties of soaps are all lovingly hand crafted in small batches.  Some feature Essential Oils which are therapeutic grade oils the others are simply Fragrances that have been created.

We look to nature to provide the majority of wonderful ingredients in our soaps.

Goat's Milk Soap

Luxury artisan handcrafted soaps. Our ingredient list is short and easy to read because who needs unnecessary chemicals in their soap? Our soaps are creamy and long lasting, average weight is 3.8 to 4.2 ounces.


Essential Oils

• Hug-A-T-Tree
• Lavender (Most Popular)
• Luscious Lemon
• Orange-a-Peel
• Patchouli - O

Fragrance Free

• The Naked Goat


• Almond Biscotti
• Cup O' Joe
• Dragon's Blood
• Lilac
• Monkey Farts
• Mountain Rain
• Make Mine Mint
• Oh My Oatmeal
• Orange-U-Pretty
• Razzleberry
• Sandalwoodsy
• Tobacco & Bay Leaf
• Snow Witch
• Wedding Bliss

Caring for your soaps; after each use set the bar on a dry ledge or in a soap dish. Leaving your soaps in a puddle is a no-no.

Handmade Soap

Soap and Grooming Items

Soaps for Special Occasions

Think of us when you're planning for a big event. We can create specialty soaps to fill your gift baskets. Our soaps are ideal for a number of occasions, such as:

• Weddings
• Bridal Parties

• Baby Showers

• Birthdays